Blinking Cute Box Cat Sweet Taste of Life: 2017

Monday, 20 March 2017

Huh | dearest CS

It has been a long day since I have been writing my last post.It's not that I'm busy but just don't know what to write. I also don't have much time to write since I'm in a boarding school.

Enough with intro. I just writing this post because I'm sooo bored.I want to share with you guys about Kdramas XD. I have watched this drama called DOTS everyone knows that right? It's so terrific!!! Song Jong Ki is sooooo handsome!! ;D and now I don't know what drama I want to watch next. can you recommend any dramas for me?


that text above is a draft from last year's draft

Yeah I'm sorry for not posting in very long time.I just want to tell you about my college sister's results taking.Although she didn't get straight's but she's still a genius she got 9A's and 1B! She's a total genius to me. Anyways GOODLUCK in your life CS! I hope you get a nice job, then get a nice house and soon get married with a handsome guy who has a strong faith in Allah and have lots of kids too XD.

to dear cs: I will always support you in anything you do and I just want you to know that I always got                  your back

I'll put  some pics later